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Active senior couple smiling

We are dedicated to preparing and delivering a nutritious meal with a friendly wellness check to adult residents who are unable to prepare a meal for themselves.

Too Many Seniors in Florida Are Left Behind, Alone and Hungry, Struggling to Stay independent and Healthy.

Hundreds of needy seniors, veterans, and disabled adults in our community are homebound and unable to prepare a nutritious meal.  Without our help, they would be unable to continue living in their own home.

According to the National Meals On Wheels Florida Fact Sheet, too many seniors in Florida are left behind, alone and hungry.  These numbers are expected to increase as seniors live longer.

Growing Gap Between Seniors in Need and Funding

Every week, North Port Meals On Wheels receives calls for help from new clients and family members.  Like the trend nationally and seen here locally, costs continue to rise and seniors are forced to choose how to divide their limited income between rent, food, and medications.  With cutbacks in Federal funding, there is a long waiting period for free government-funded meals.  Many times their health suffers as a result when there are not enough resources to meet all of the needs.  Without our help, the consequences of poor nutrition are disastrous.

The benefits of our care and compassion go far beyond just the client.  The average Medicare cost of a day in the hospital is $2366.  A meal and a check-in costs $6/day.  Notable improvements in their health and affect your bottom line as well.

Senior Isolation and Safety

A nutritious meal is only the start of the value Meals on Wheels can deliver to keep your most vulnerable members healthy.  For over 50 years, North Port Meals on Wheels has touched the lives of millions of seniors, providing them with the nutrition they need and human contact they desire. 

About 30% of Florida seniors live with a disability and about one in 5 lives alone.  So many of our Volunteer drivers from North Port Meals on Wheels are the “eyes and ears” visiting at-risk neighbors with a friendly check-in visit.  We help identify problems and before they become catastrophic.

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