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Memorial Gifts

If you’d like to give a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one, you can follow the instructions on our donate page. Please be sure to indicate who the gift is in memory/honor of, as well as if there is someone we should notify of your special gift.


If your loved one has passed and you would like for North Port Meals on Wheels to receive gifts in their memory in lieu of flowers, please call us and let us know who should receive acknowledgment of gifts we receive.

Planned Giving

You do not need to be a millionaire to include North Port Meals on Wheels in your will or trust, just someone who wants to ensure that the issues you care about and the values you cherish will be honored and remembered.

With your planned gift, you can combine your heart for helping others with your overall financial and estate planning goals. This is a special opportunity to touch lives for years to come.

Some planned gifts offer you direct benefits, such as lifetime income or tax savings. Most planned gifts are excluded from estate tax, which can be a benefit to your family. Selecting the right type of planned gift may help you create a larger gift than you thought possible.

Even the smallest planned gift will have a lasting impact on local seniors.


Planned giving can include gifts of cash, trusts, stocks, life insurance, real estate, or retirement accounts. Whatever gift you choose, planned giving can help you fulfill your personal and charitable goals.


Please consult with your attorney and/or estate planner to designate a gift North Port Meals on Wheels, then please make us aware. Thank you!

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